Kelly Johnson




Applications:                 Oracle Financials, Decision Point Applications Warehouse Administrator,

                                     Decision Point Applications Analyst, Oracle 9iAS and Collaboration Suite

Tools:                           Developer6i, Designer6i, TOAD, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Enterprise

                                    Manager, SQL*Plus, , Forms, Reports, DBArtisan

Software:                      Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Project, Visio, WordPerfect, Novell

                                    GroupWise, Seagate Backup Exec

Languages:                   SQL, PL/SQL, Korn/Bourne Shells, C

Databases:                   ORACLE V9i, V8i, V8, V7, V6

Operating Systems:       Windows XP, UNIX (Solaris 8, DG–UX, AIX, SCO, A/UX, Solaris 1.1), Banyan

                                    Vines, Novell

Hardware:                    Sun E250, Sun Netra, RS/6000, HP 9000




KASA Professional Services, LLC                                                                  07/05 – present

Position: Senior Consultant


Project: Bell Helicopter                                                                                    07/06 – 12/06

·        Interpret Technical Specifications and design data extraction and cleansing to meet specifications.

·        Take MRP data from various legacy systems and make it ready for loading into SAP system. 

      This involved taking data from relational tables and from flat file dumps from IMS and transforming

       it for load into SAP.  Output was in the form of flat files to be loaded into the new system.

·        Procurement and Purchasing data from multiple systems extracted converted and transformed for

      load into the P2P system.  This included interpreting and writing technical specification documents,

      loading data from flat files, loading data from relational tables and transforming the data for load

      into SAP. 

·        Write technical specifications and develop code to extract data from legacy system(s) for load

      directly into the data warehouse or mart.  Source data was in relational tables that were re-hosts

      from various legacy systems.


Project: AZZ                                                                                                      08/05 – 06/06

·        Create custom reports and modify existing Oracle Applications reports to meet user needs.

·        Modified Printed Purchase Order (Portrait) report to change and reposition data.

·        Modify existing custom reports to correct logic and sourcing errors.

·        Created reports to compare current year sales with prior year sales by month, quarter and year

      to date.  Tables utilized from AR schema, INV schema and GL schema.

·        Created custom report for auditors to examine Menu and Form access by date, responsibility and user.

·        Created custom Obsolete Inventory Report, custom Sales Ranking Report, Prior Year vs. Current year

       Sales analysis report, Weekly Production Report, Work Order Summary Report.

·        Reports sourced from PO, AR, INV, MTL, GL and FND tables.

·        Used reports 6i.

·        SQL*Plus and PL/SQL based reports.


Solution Beacon, LLC                                                                                       01/04 – 07/05

Position: Senior Consultant

Project: VICAL                                                                                                   06/05 – 07/05

·        Modify existing Oracle Applications reports.

·        Modified Printed Purchase Order (Portrait) report to eliminate unwanted data.

·        Modify existing custom report to function correctly on 11i version of Oracle Applications.

·        Using reports 9i

Project: AISIN USA Manufacturing                                                                 04/05 – 07/05

·        Create custom reports for auditing inventory and purchasing within the Manufacturing module of

       Oracle Applications.

·        Created custom reports using Oracle Reports from the Oracle developer suite.

·        Modified existing reports using Oracle Reports from the Oracle Developer suite.

·        Used reports 6i


Project: Carnegie Melon University, Remote                                                 01/05 – 02/05

·        Create custom drill across functionality within DecisionPoint Software.

·        Connected GL to AR via additional key values in fact and dimension tables in both domains.

·        Connected GL to GA via additional key values in fact and dimension tables in both domains.

·        Connected GL to PO/AP via additional key values in fact and dimension tables in both domains.

·        Designed connection between GL and LD using additional key values in fact and dimension tables

      in both domains.

·        Connected GL to GM via additional key values in fact and dimension tables in both domains.


Project: DecisionPoint Software, Portland, OR                                             10/04 – 10/04

·        Participated in the development of metadata Validation Engine to do validation of data in data

      warehouse using a combination of stored procedures and generated SQL code.  Project written

      as a series of stored procedures using PL/SQL.


Project: Albertson’s, Boise ID                                                                         05/04 – 09/04

·        Configure DecisionPoint Software data warehouse modules.

·        Create security enrollments for DecisonPoint applications and maintain user security.

·        Execute and monitor extracts of data from source system to target data warehouse.

·        Create custom procedures and extensions to customize extract process using SQL and PL/SQL.

·        Create and document security procedures.  Document extract procedures.


Project:  Eaton Truck, Kalamazoo, MI                                                             03/04 – 03/04

·          Prepare data warehouse for DecisionPoint repository for metadata upgrade.

·          Research and evaluate progress on Oracle Applications in terms of impact on DecisionPoint

       Software upgrade and migration



KASA Consulting                                                                                               09/01 – 12/03

Position: Principal Consultant


Project: Nursefinders – Arlington, Texas                                                       05/03 – 12/03

·     Install and Configure Oracle Collaboration Suite for use of Oracle Email and Oracle Internet Directory. 

      Installation in a three-tier configuration using an infrastructure database, an email data store

      database and the 9iAS server on the middle tier.

·        Upgrade multiple instances of Oracle 8.1.6 database to Oracle 9i and migrate data.  This project

      included migrating data to multiple instances via PL/SQL scripts and data imports.

·        Update Solaris 8 operating system with multiple patches to support Oracle Collaboration Suite and

      Oracle 9iAS.


Project: Employers Direct Health, Dallas, Texas                                             10/02 - 05/03

·      Design and develop HIPAA compliant interface to extract data from TPA application and

       transmit to business partner using Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Designer and PL/SQL.

·        Designed user interface and underlying database tables using Oracle Designer.

·        Installed and configured Oracle Warehouse Builder client and repository.  Used OWB to develop

      data extracts for the HIPAA interface making extensive use of the mapping capabilities.

·        Developed custom functions and packages using PL/SQL.

·        Developed custom Forms for controlling extracts and transmission of HIPAA data.


Project: Nursefinders – Arlington, Texas                                                       09/01 – 08/02

·      Created and maintained user accounts on UNIX and Oracle.

·        Migrated data and oracle objects from development to production environments. Coordinated

      data and application migrations with development staff.

·        Performed all UNIX and Oracle DBA duties including scheduled maintenance, backup & recovery

      and tuning.

·        Wrote reports using Oracle Reports and Oracle Query Builder.

·        Distributed reports using script files to multiple recipients.

·        Install and configure multiple Sun Netra computers. Configure Solaris 8 operating system on

       multiple servers.  Developed standard for OS configuration and mount points. 

·        Install and maintain Oracle 8i ( on multiple UNIX servers. 

·        Developed and implemented standard for database configuration.

·        Installed Oracle 9iAS and iplanet Web server and configured.

·        Review and correct stored procedures to be moved into production database.  Migrated

      procedures into production database.  Migrate schemas from development environment to

      staging (pre-production) environment and from staging to production.  Provide production support

      for database issues

·        Developed maintenance forms using Developer 6i and reports using Reports and Oracle Query Builder.


Computer Systems Authority – Dallas, Texas                                                  1/97 – 05/01

Position:  Principal Consultant, Practice Director

Development Practice Director

·        Responsible for budget development, revenue forecasting, expense management

·        Business development and proposal development

·        Personnel issues including salary reviews, hiring, policy development and consultant placement


Project: GE Power, Atlanta Georgia

·        Implementation of Decision Point Applications data warehouse for Purchase Order running on

       Oracle 8i and Oracle Applications 11.0.3.  This involved installation of basic DPA software and

       configuration of software based on client needs and configuration of Oracle Applications.  This

       project also included modifications to the base installation to support client needs


Project: GE Marquette, West Palm Beach Florida

·        Created extensions to the Decision Point Applications data model in OE, AR, GL, INV.  This

       involved using the DPA Warehouse Administrator, a data-warehousing tool, to create custom

       fact and dimension tables as well as adding columns to existing dimension and fact tables. 

      These modifications augmented the standard DPA data warehouse metadata.  Modifications

      also included using PL/SQL and SQL scripts imbedded in the DPA model.


Project: Accor Economy Lodging, Dallas, Texas

·        Developing custom system to view historical Purchase Order information including developing

      specifications, data element mapping, data cleansing and loading and table specification.

·        Assistance with project tracking, including identifying tasks that are on critical path but not

      represented on project plan.


Project: PillowTex, Dallas, Texas

·        Research into accounting anomalies in Oracle Financials including custom SQL scripts to

      collect data directly for underlying tables

·        Custom reports to view financial information from Oracle financials based on custom SQL scripts


Project: PageMart Wireless Inc, Dallas, Texas

·        Custom modification of the Vantive application.  Modifications included development of PL/SQL

      stored procedures and visual basic functions to allow Vantive to use Vertex data for address


·        Customization of Vantive screens using Vantive Tools and migration of modifications across

      multiple instances of the database.

·        Developed interface to do real time Communications and Sales Tax calculations using Vertex. 

      This involved developing PL/SQL stored procedures and a PRO*C application using database

      pipes to move data out of Vantive into operating system files where the Vertex tax engine can

      calculate taxes.  Tax data is returned to via flat files.

·        Developed various reports and forms using Developer 2000 to assist in the analysis of the

      Vantive repository where screen and function definitions are stored.

·        Developed reports for custom modifications to the Inventory System


Project:  Society of Petroleum Engineers, Richardson, Texas

·        Custom application development using Developer 2000.  Developed a system to assist in the

      generation of mailing labels based on the selection of over one hundred variables.  System

      dynamically generated SQL based choices made on forms.

·        Assisted DBA with reorganization of production and test database environments.  This

      included relocating of datafiles and the modification of control files and initialization files.

·        Data conversion from legacy system to current production system including column and table


Project:  Development of Custom GL Interface

·        Developed interface to reverse entries from GL and re–post in the GL interface tables based

      on sub–components and accounting ID.  Customer was posting entries that consisted of

      multiple sub–components.  This created an adverse taxing situation.  The interface reversed

      transactions and split them into components prior to re–posting to the GL.  This allowed the

      customer to pay taxes only on components that were truly taxable. The interface consisted of

      PL/SQL stored procedures.


Project:  Data General, Hurst, Texas

·        Reviewed the Oracle installation and the configuration of multiple instances of the database. 

      Made corrections and recommendations based on review to correct deficiencies.

·        Reviewed file system configuration and made recommendations for modifications and corrections.

·        Proposed a backup strategy that would give complete coverage in an efficient manner.


Project:  Data General, Houston, Texas                                                                                  

·        Assisted in design, analysis and modification of Data Warehouse System including space

      management, security procedures, sizing, back–up and recovery procedures.  Technical

      Environment AViiON, Windows NT, Oracle 7.3.2.


Project:  PartnerSource

·        Baseline network analysis of Novell network with recommendations to client for improvements. 

      Based on network evaluation, modifications and enhancement to the existing network structure

      were made in the areas of security, server upgrades and user account standardization.


Administrative Systems, Inc./PAS Financial Group, Inc.                              07/95 – 01/97

Position: MIS Director, Senior Vice President

·        Conducted needs analysis and capacity planning for centralized systems leading to the

      purchase and installation of Open Systems UNIX based symmetric multi–processing computers

      and the installation of Oracle software.

·        Managed MIS department, Operations Director and Accounting Director (Indirect line)

·        Installed Developer 2000 on multiple platforms and Designer 2000 on UNIX and Windows 95.

·        Created and maintained Oracle CASE Repository on multiple UNIX platforms.

·        Created and maintained multiple database instances including database design, database sizing,

       tablespace management, and file system placement of data files on UNIX platforms.

·        Modified and supported internally developed SQL*Plus programs.

·        Supported and modified custom interface into Oracle Financials from an Open Basic system.

·        Led development staff in producing integrated software packages using Designer 2000.


University of North Texas Health Science Center                                          11/91 – 07/95

Position:  Systems and Programming Manager

·        Responsible for all activities in the Systems and Programming Division including the efforts

      of five applications programmers and three systems staff members.

·        Worked closely with non–technical users to develop business process model for Oracle CASE tools.

·        Lead Analyst in the development of the Data Flow Diagrams, the Functional Hierarchy Diagrams

      and performed final model review after it was entered into the CASE Repository.

·       Installed Oracle 6 server and tools on multiple platforms including SCO UNIX Server, Novell server,

      Macintosh System 7 server, DG–UX, and OS/2.

·        Performed capacity analysis and defined hardware requirements which led to the purchase of two

      UNIX based computers

·        Lead Programmer in the analysis, implementation, development, and user training on all five

      modules of the  SCT BANNER system



University of Texas Arlington

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Computer Science Option



·        Oracle Corporation: Introduction to Oracle for Developers, Analyze Systems in a CASE Environment,

      CASE Design, Implement Systems Analysis and Design Using CASE Tools, Generate Systems

      Using CASE Tools, Administer the CASE Tools, Oracle Master Certificate in System Analysis and

      Design  Feb 1993

·        Systems Computer Technology: BANNER Student System User Training, BANNER Student

      Technical Training, BANNER Finance System Training, BANNER General System Technical

      Training Decision Point Applications:

·        Decision Point Applications Warehouse Administrator

·      Others: Basic Banyan Network Administrators class, Advanced Banyan Network Administrators

     class, Management Problems for the Technical Manager, Franklin Covey “What Matters Most” training.




International Oracle Users Week 1995, Oracle Open World 1997, Oracle Developer Tools User Group 1999,

Oracle Developer Tools User Group 2000, Fort Worth Oracle Users Group, Dallas Oracle Users Group.